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National Grid is proposing to construct two vaporizers at its Greenpoint Energy Center facility in Brooklyn, New York.  For over 50 years, the facility has provided gas service to customers in the community.  Specifically, the vaporizers at the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facility are used during periods of peak demand, when the weather is coldest, to meet customers’ heating needs. Currently, the combined output of all the existing vaporizers is insufficient to keep up with forecasted peak demand for upcoming winters.  New vaporizers allow the facility to deliver its current annual capacity at a faster rate to meet demand, with redundancy in the event of an emergency.

This project is part of the non-pipeline solution outlined in our Natural Gas Long-Term Capacity Supplemental Report. The project, coupled with Energy Efficiency and Demand Response, is critical to safely and reliably serve customers and keep them warm in the coming winters.

There will be no increase in LNG storage capacity at this facility as a result of this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

National Grid has a duty to serve its customers in all types of weather and under all conditions. Critical to serving our customers is effective contingency planning which avoids the need to shut down gas service leaving customers in the cold. Currently, the combined output of all the existing vaporizers is insufficient to meet the forecasted peak demand for the upcoming winters.  The construction of two additional vaporizers would allow the company to meet customer demand during the coldest days and will increase reliability of the plant.

Our facility at Greenpoint liquifies and stores gas from our system during low demand periods for later use in periods of peak demand (winter).  At that time, vaporizers at the facility will convert this liquid back into gas form and reintroduce it into our system in order to meet the supply needs of our customers.  Those periods are usually during the winter when the temperature falls below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and the demand for heating spikes.

Construction of these vaporizers will take approximately 12-18 months.

The application for the state facility permit can be found in the document library on this site.

No. There are no scheduled outages as a result of this project.

You can view documents related to our air permit application in our document library. You can also send inquires to the National Grid project team at (718) 749-9539, or by email at